Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebration Weekend!

What a glorious weekend we had! Easter is such a great celebration of God's love for us and Jesus' victory over death and sin. I hope that you and your family enjoyed the time and celebrated like crazy! Here in PeeWeeVille we have calendars of activities that you can do all month to continue the learning and fun. I hope you are taking advantage of those activities and enjoying a month of thinking about Easter and the hope it brings.

Every Easter I look for new ways to present the story to preschoolers. This year I found a lot of very good books and we used them in PeeWeeVille. Each year as I hear stories from PeeWees I'm reminded that the Easter story isn't too hard for them, and we don't need to skip over it. Granted, you shouldn't go into graphic detail about the torture of the cross, but PeeWees understand sin, heaven, God's love, and the joy of Easter.

I heard a lot of stories the past 2 weeks that reminded me of how much kids can understand:
  • I heard about Kindergarteners that came in on Thursday talking about Jesus dying on the cross that they were off a day...........they got it any way.
  • I heard about 3 and 4 year olds that talked in the car about the cross and Jesus dying on it.
  • One family had a sign in the yard with a cross on one side and Easter celebration on the other. Their 4 year old couldn't wait to wake up on Easter and turn the sign around to show the joy to the neighbors.

Sometimes hard subjects are easy to ignore. But if we share them anyway, God can work in ways we don't understand to give wisdom and understanding. So basically,

  • Don't ignore.
  • Pray about how your teach your kids and what answers you give to their questions.
  • Answer what they ask only - no need to give details that they weren't asking for.

Now...........let me hear your stories from Easter. What did your child say, or ask, or some how show they appreciated Christ' sacrifice?

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Tracie said...

I don't have any personal stories to share, but I will say what a huge blessing it was to hear so many of the Pre-K class understand the story.

Many knew the story of the cross and would tell us about it before the teachers would even begin to teach the message. It was truly heart-warming. What a joy!

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