Thursday, April 22, 2010


Good Guys *** Bad Guys
Batman *** The Joker
Harry Potter *** Voldemort
Chuck *** The Ring
The Whos *** The Grinch
Bugs Bunny *** Elmer Fudd
The Roadrunner *** The Coyote
The Cullen Family *** Volturi Family
Dora *** Swiper
Aladin *** Jafar
God *** Me
God is the only one who can turn a bad guy into a good guy...... And He does it for us because He loves us so much!
For the last couple of weeks in PeeWeeVille we have talked about the Fruit of Goodness. Your PeeWee is learning about the transforming love and grace of Christ. Reinforce this at home as you read books or watch movies - those good guy/bad guy teams are all fiction. The fact is -
Jesus is always the Good Guy - He never sinned. We are always the Bad Guy because we do.
Only God can turn a Bad Guy into a Good Guy!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Your Confidence is Showing

Easter was amazing! I enjoyed seeing so many of my PeeWee friends this weekend. Thank you for sharing the meaning of Easter with your PeeWees and bringing them to church. Many new friends came as well. Great job inviting your friends and family to church. What a great example you were to your children.

Always remember that you are teaching your children whether you mean to or not. When you come to church and engage in the worship - you are teaching your children the value of worship. When you invite friends to come - you are teaching the value of sharing the Good News with others. When you bring your children to PeeWeeVille and confidently leave them in the class to learn about God - are teaching so much........
  • The value of learning about God
  • The value of worship
  • Trust - you are helping your PeeWee develop trust for others within safe boundaries
  • Trust in you - you are teaching your PeeWee that you will do what you say you will will return just like you said you would.
  • The ability to go into new places with confidence and make new friends

Remember that the opposite is true also. When you don't leave your PeeWee with confidence........(remember they can sense your fear and hesitancy)

  • They feel afraid.
  • They begin to see no value for learning about God.
  • They never have an opportunity to learn to trust.

So check out PeeWeeVille........put us to the test.........make sure we are at the top of our game.........then trust God to care for your PeeWee in this place and leave them with confidence with us.

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