Monday, February 8, 2010

Joyful or Happy???

Joy and Happy are two words that we use interchangeably. But they really are different. Happy is a feeling and so is Sad. And we go back in forth from one to the other weekly, daily, sometimes hourly.

Joy is different. True joy comes from being a Child of God. It comes from realizing that Christ gave Himself for us. True joy never goes away - it is forever! We can be joyful whether we are happy or sad. That is a weird concept. But true. Even in the worst times when we feel very sad, we can remember that Christ died for us and we can have joy in that no matter what is going on around us.

This week as you reinforce our lesson in PeeWeeVille on Joy, think about the difference in your own life. Try to share this with your PeeWee as you dance together, or have a bike parade, or go to a party, or laugh together. Happiness is a choice and can change as we choose not to be happy. But joy will last forever if it is found in our relationship with Christ.

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