Monday, July 20, 2009

Worshipping with the RITZ

Have you ever wondered why we have Goldfish and Ritz and such in PeeWeeVille?

Yes, it's true we all like to eat.........but did you know that we actually put thought into it? That there is a legitimate reason that we feed all our PeeWees every time they come to see us?

Feeding a child in PeeWeeVille is the beginning of spiritual development. Let me show you what I mean:
  • Familiar - A PeeWee is familiar with their bottle or cup, or with the crackers that we serve. We want the study of God's grace to feel familiar and comfortable for every child. We want them to think of God and what they learned as they use the cup or eat those crackers in another environment.
  • Satisfying - Eating or drinking is a need for everyone. As we meet that need in PeeWeeVille, PeeWees can begin to relate to the fact that God meets all our needs. They don't have to sit hungry or thirsting when they are in God's house. God can meet all our needs - it would be very ironic to try to teach a preschooler that lesson if they were hungry or thirsty!
  • Comforting/Caring - As we care for each PeeWee in PeeWeeVille, we want to be God's hands to them. We want to care for them as we teach them that God loves them so very much. We want to help them feel their Father's love.

PeeWees are concrete thinkers as opposed to abstract. They need to touch and feel and see and taste something to make it real. As they get older and develop a ton of memories, they will become more abstract and be able to think about things that they aren't touching at the moment. Since we can't use our senses to really explore God.........although He did give us a beautiful creation to explore ............ we want PeeWees to feel full and comfortable as we tell them about how wonderful their Father God is.

Snack time isn't a time filler for has an intentional place in the worship hour for a PeeWee..............................just so you know!

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