Monday, February 2, 2009

Make Room for Daddy

To all moms out there.....................

Are you creating an environment where your PeeWee
  • can respect his father? Do you respect him? Do you present him to your child in a way that shows respect and paints the best picture of him that you can?
  • can spend time with her father? Do you make it possible for Dad to be a part of your young child's life? Do you plan special "Daddy times" or re-arrange your day to make sure he is a part of it?
  • can love his father, by loving him yourself?
I think God created the family - a mom and a dad. Both parents bring a unique set of skills into raising a child - and both are needed for a child to grow. I think we as women are guilty sometimes of taking over both roles. In the beginning babies are more dependent on their moms, but we women forget to create an environment where both parents are needed and respected and a vital part. We overstep our bounds.

This last week we had Donuts with Dad at PeeWee School. There were tons of Dads and Grandfathers in the building. It was great! Most of them are never seen around here because mom does the carpooling. But it was a special time for these PeeWees to show off to their dads. Good for you PeeWee School moms that made sure Dad got the invitation and marked his calendar. Good for you for taking an extra responsibility that morning so Dad would be free to come. Good for you for giving your PeeWee that special time.

Moms are important, don't get me wrong. But every child needs a female and a male role model, love, and companionship. Don't sell your spouse short...........don't sell your child's father short.........don't try to be both.

**Disclaimer.............I realize, some Dads do not live up to their responsibilities. I realize that some Dads are absent. I realize that some Moms are forced to take on both roles, and I realize that is very hard to do - so way to go for staying the course.

For most of you....................Give Dad a chance...........Make room for Daddy!

Saturday is the Valentine Making Party........wouldn't it be great for your PeeWee to have Mom and Dad both there???????

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Tracie said...

I am definitely a Seth-hog. I plan family fun days for us (as a family) and many times it's a Mom and son day. And that's okay, but there are times when I wish my husband took more of an interest in our family fun days. But he and Seth do have their special time when I'm not involved. They both love music and playing the guitar. Andy tries to teach him but most of the time, Seth picks up the haronica or the microphone instead. I love peeking in on their jam sessions. Andy has also taken to letting Seth "help" build things. His father never really let him help on building projects, so I know this is something new to him. Their newest father and son time is a trip to Home Depot.

I'm grateful for the time they spend together and I'm proud of the father my husband is.

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