Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ready, set, go........

2008 is almost gone. Tomorrow begins 2009! What is going to be different in 2009? What are you going to do different? How will your parenting change as your PeeWee will be growing older? Are you ready for 2009?

We really have to be ready for 2009 - it will begin tomorrow no matter. So, for the last time this year I'm gonna ask you - Have you made your Yardstick List yet???

  • My challenge to you is to begin 2009 not only with your list of what you would like to see in your child when he grows up, but also a plan. As you go through this next year of parenting, plan teaching moments to teach each of the values on your list. Also, be sensitive to teaching moments that just happen in daily living with your PeeWee and seize them.
  • Look at your Yardstick list often. Update it........add to it..........highlight the values you have purposefully taught this year. Watch your wonderful little PeeWee grow into a child who honors God, and is growing not only on the yardstick, but also in his faith and his "get-along-with others-ness". Help her become the very best she can.
  • Journal......the successes, the growing pains, the fun stuff, and the dirty stuff. Create for your child a book of memories.
  • Throughout the year, read your journal. Sometimes we can't see the successes because we are lost in the trees of the every day. So let your journal give you a look at the overall forest that is your PeeWees growth. Sometimes you need that just to keep going and know that you are making a difference. Sometimes it will give you courage, sometimes some laughter and a smile.
Get ready! 2009 is only hours away! Parenting is more important than parties, schedules, work, and all the other things you will plan for this week - so spend some time planning it today.


Tracie said...

I am so looking forward to 2009. I am confident this will be a WONDERFUL year.

I have been reluctant to make my yard stick but I've finally decided that my actual yard stick for S. if quite easy. All I'd like for my son in his life is that he finds out what God's plan for him is and he lives it. Sure I want him to be a good Christian honest,loving, etc. But when it all comes down to it, all I really care is that he follows God's plan for himself.

Following God's plan is really kinda hard because we spend our whole lives trying to decipher what God's plan for us is.

I think my yard stick for S. changes as I grow in my faith, but one thing that I know will remain constant is my wish for him to be a TRUE christian (walking the walk, talking the talk). I pray that he discovers what being a true Christian is early in life.

God has big plans for us in 2009. I am SO exicted to fufill his plan.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May God bless your and your family with his love.

Kara said...

I haven't had a chance to tell you how much I enjoy reading this blog. My favorite posting has to be the recliner. :) So special and true to our household.

2009 is upon us and how quickly it will go! I think for me the biggest challenge for me as a parent is to seize the moment when I need to make it teachable. It seems the hardest for me as the girls are moving around me and needing me in so many different ways. So, I need to make that a goal for me this year. :)
Thank you for your leadership and mentoring experiences. They are true treasures.

Karyn said...

Ok, I just have to say a HUUUUUUUUUGE THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU (etc, etc, etc..) to ALLLLLL PeeWee workers. Today at the Clear Springs celebration, it was CRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAZY with all the Little Guys in the service! AGH! It was a nice thought to have a Family Service, but I ran back & forth into & out of the lobby with my 1-yr-old. (This was after hubby was watching him in the back of the auditorium, and he was crawling up & down the very small steps & fell & hit his head, then crying so everyone could hear!) So please forward my thank you to all the dedicated workers who show up Sunday after Sunday to watch the Little People in my life while I worship. YOU ARE VALUED GREATLY.

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