Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Parenting with the Book

Sweetest story from yesterday in PeeWeeVille.........a dad came in to buy a Bible for his son. I think it was a Christmas present. What a great Christmas present! But the sweet part was that the dad had committed to read his Bible every day in 2009, and he wanted to read to his son at the same time. That is parenting!

When I was in college studying education, I learned all about how important it is to read to children. How important it is for children to see respected adults reading. How all of these factors shape a child's reading skills before they even begin to decipher words.

That is what made this story sweet........not only was this dad helping his son become a reader. But more importantly, he is going to help his son become a reader of the Bible.........a student of God.........a learner in the ways of Christ..........This dad was taking a very big first step in helping his son grow a strong faith for himself, by reading the Bible as an example, and by reading the Bible to his small son.

Whewwwwwwwww for an educator's heart - that was amazing. That is parenting.

By the way, here are some suggested books and kid's Bibles:
  • My First Study Bible
  • The Big Picture Story Bible - by David Helm
  • Parenting with Scripture - by Kara Durbin

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