Thursday, March 4, 2010

Have you planted your sunflower seeds?

All PeeWees received them at church on Sunday. Plant them and then watch them grow. Use the growth chart attached to the seeds to document and measure the growth. Take pictures of the flowers when they bloom and send them to Mrs Lisa at:

You have to be very patient while you wait for flowers to grow.


Tracie said...

We planted ours today! I'll FB you the pictures.

Abigail's Mom said...

Sunday will mark the start of week #3 for my sunflower seeds Ms. Lisa. It's been a good lesson in patience, because after just the first few days, Daddy didn't think they were going to grow at all. Then, on day 5, they started popping through the soil! Now they are getting big and most of them dropped their shell. I can't wait until they bloom. Mommy says she'll send pictures. Thanks for the whole Fruit of the Spirit curriculum. Mommy and I are even making up songs I like to dance too:)

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