Friday, September 25, 2009

Discipline Part 3: Discipline on Your Feet/Not Your Seat

When I was teaching, my district had a motto.............
Teach on your feet, Plan on your seat

The meaning was that teaching was an active sport. Don't be tied to your desk. Move around. Be where the kids are.

Parenting is an active sport............especially discipline. You can't discipline from across the room. You must be near the child. It is active - so being tired is normal. The good news is that if you will be active and consistent your PeeWee grows up, the sport gets easier because you are both "in shape".

So start each day ready
  • Plan ahead with your spouse by setting rules, boundaries, rewards, and punishment.
  • Pray for wisdom and grace and love for your children, and don't forget energy and strength.
  • Then get in the game! Enjoy your children. Take responsiblity for their learning and training. Get off the bench, bed, couch, etc. and get active with your kids both playing with them and loving them, and disciplining them.
  • Be consistent all day long.

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